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Maria Langworthy is the founder and principal of Langworthy Research. She serves as Chief Research Officer at Michael Fullan Enterprises and Global Director of the Innovative Teaching and Learning Project.


​Her work centers in the future of learning and how research and measurement can be used as change levers to advance teaching and learning practices and education systems. She has been an advisor to Microsoft in Education, the Pearson Foundation and to many start-up technology companies. Most recently, she co-authored with Michael Fullan A Rich Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning. Previously, Maria managed communications, corporate image, citizenship and policy research at Microsoft, where she led a team responsible for research in over 40 countries. She has a Ph.D. in sociology from Boston University.

Presentations / Webinars / Facilitation

Keynote at "Technology Leadership Institute for School District Leaders," New York State, November, 2014. "A Rich Seam: How the New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning."

“A Rich Seam: How the New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning” – Webinar and Discussion with US State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA). August 2014, United States 

Workshop on Deep Learning for Japanese Professors and Ministry of Education. Sponsored by Microsoft in Education and Pearson Japan. August, 2014, Tokyo, Japan

"Digital Transformation Challenge" - Design and Facilitation of Education Leaders Track at Microsoft in Education Global Forum, March 2014, Barcelona

 "A Rich Seam: How the New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning" - Global launch of Whitepaper, Pearson Headquarters, January 2014, London

"A New Measures System" - New Pedagogies for Deep Learning: Global Partnership meeting, November 2013, Hong Kong 

"21st Century Learning Design: Learning that Matters" - International Publishers Association, London Book Fair, April 2013, London

"The 21st Century Learning Design Project" - Education Leaders Briefing, Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum, December 2012, Prague

21st Century Learning Design - International Workshop. Host. November 2012, Bellevue, Washington, USA

Webinar: "Learning for a Knowledge Based World" - Principals Australia Institute, June 2012

Kan vi träna och mäta bredare kompetenser i skolan? Ny forskning visar vägen – ITL Research: Moving From Theory to Action. Invited presentation to the Swedish Ministry of Education / National Board of Education. Stockholm, Sweden, June 2012

Global Compact on Learning, post-2015 Education for All (EFA) Learning Metrics Task Force, Standards Working Group. Invited collaboration managed by UNESCO, Institute for Statistics (UIS) and Brookings Institution, Center for Universal Education (CUE), May-October, 2012 

Keynote: “Innovative Teaching and Learning: Moving from Theory to Action” Global Education Forum, March 2012, Dubai

Keynote: “Innovative Teaching and Learning: Global Research Findings” Global Washington Summit, November 2011, Seattle, WA

“Innovative Teaching and Learning Research, 2011 Global Findings and Implications” Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Research Forum, November 2011, Washington, D.C.

“Innovative Teaching and Learning – the Classroom Story” OECD Innovative Learning Environments Conference, October, 2011, Banff, Canada

“ITL Research: Findings and Future Directions” OECD CERI Workshop, July 2011, Paris

Presenter: Panel on School Improvement: Assessing Technology Integration Programs. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), June 2011, Philadelphia, USA


"Public Policy’s Third Lever: International Research on Innovative Teaching and Learning,"
"Do Teachers Take Educational Change Efforts Seriously? Leveraging Research to Construct Meaning and Legitimacy"
American Educational Research Association (AERA), April 2011, New Orleans, USA

““Innovative Teaching and Learning around the World” BETT International, January 2011, London

“ITL Research: the Story from the Pilot Year” Microsoft Education Leaders Briefing, January 2011, London

“Partners in Learning, Innovative Teaching and Learning” World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), December 2010, Doha, Qatar

“ITL Research: The Pilot Year Story with Policy Implications” Inter-American Development Bank’s New Paths for Learning: Technology and Education. November 2010, San José, Costa Rica

“How Schools and Teachers can Innovate in Practice” Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Worldwide Innovative Education Forum. October 2010, Cape Town, South Africa

ITL Research Pilot Year Findings - Advisory Workshops, September 2010, Washington (Microsoft) and Paris (OECD) 

2010 BIG 1 to 1 Summit @ the Summit, Co-Host, June 2010, Maine, USA

“Beyond Heroes: Innovative Teaching and Learning” UNESCO ICT & Education Conference, April 2010, Brasilia, Brazil

“ITL Research: An Overview” OECD Experts Meeting, A systemic approach to technology-based school innovations, November 2009, Florianopolis, Brazil


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